Well firstly, my name is Sharon and my parents ran a pub in Ipswich called 'The Royal William'.  We lived in this pub from 1979-1983 and those were fantastic years on the music front.  Now, this was the time, in the 80's where we first came across a band called 'ZORRO'.  I am 45 now and to think that this band had such an influence on myself when I was a teenager goes to prove how good they were.  The likes of 'Dave Smith' who was the lead singer was nothing less than crazy............but crazy in a good sense of the word.  He was a very slim, spritely man who during the show would clamber up the speakers which sat at least 3 high and sit and sing at the top of his voice.  The fake blood capsule of which he would bite down on and make it look as though he had been sucking the blood from another was frightfully real.  The keyboard player, 'Galen' I believe was his name used to get drunk and still play the keyboard with such precision, even when he would vomit all over it.  I always remember when Dave tried to climb our big metal gates leading to the car park of the pub and our Dobermann dog 'Winston' went mad at him.  Maybe it was because his affro hair at the time had a tinge of blue to it.  Anyway, there were some great times at 'The Royal William Public House' in IPSWICH and thanks to 'ZORRO' and another Norwich based band called 'Angels' they made my childhood quite memorable with their music and stage show.  Don't know if anyone knows the whereabouts of any members of 'Zorro' but if so please leave a message on here if you can please.  Many thanks!!!!!  Also, would like to add my parents managed 'The Wild Man' public house on 'Bedford Street' from 1973-1976.  Bloody brilliant pub!

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