Zillion is a music producer and DJ with his own unique sound and interpretation of the dubstep genre. Zillion lives and was brought up in Norwich his songs convey his wide knowledge when it comes to production skills and the dance music genre as a whole. Zilion started producing in 2002 producing drum and bass which you may notice when listening to the quality and precision of his drum loops. Zillion prides himself on setting the highest standards that he can with his tracks “quality over quantity”. He settled into dubstep and has since pushed things forward to create dubstep tracks with his unique mixtures of dark and liqht textures. Zillion has had previous releases on Filthy Digital, Milkmoney and Normadic art organization to name a few. Zillion also works along side Case widening his skills and further his sound into new fields of genres. This partnership brings together a unique sound and there currently working on several album projects together for several different vocalists. The partnership is also working together to push their sounds into the corporate world of media work. Zillion also had done a bit of dj work in the past around the Norwich area for various nights warming up for the likes of Kryptic Minds among others. Watch out for future releases on the Iceni 5 label and other up and coming labels.

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