Young offender

Young Offender

Young Offender was the first single by the Disrupters, released on Radical Change Records in 1981.

The title track Young Offender was released on Abstract's Punk & Disorderly compilation in 1981 (& CD release [1] by Anagram in 1997), and is one of the bands most well known tracks. It still remains in the setlist to this day.

Side A Edit

Young Offender (1:37)

Side B Edit

U.K. Soldier (2:38)

No Place For You (2:46)

Credits Edit

Label: Radical Change Records

Cat no#: RC1

Released: 1981

Vocals - Steve Hansell

Drums - Kevin Wymer

Guitar - Gibbon

Bass - Tim Perkins

Artwork by the Disrupters

Produced by Jon Ward & the Disrupters

Written by the Disrupters

Engineered & Mixed by Dave Knowles

Recorded at Whitehouse Studio, July 1981

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