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band circa something or other in about 1993.Left to right: Tim, Mark Watson, Karen Reilly and Chris Harould

Yoghurt Belly were named after a strange old custom of rubbing yoghurt on your pregnant belly and something. They formed part of the core of Norwich music throughout the late eighties into the mid nineties.


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Tim (left) is my best mate and I heard the music for the first time last night! Not Tooo Bad!! Tim is now a hot glass artist working from the west midlands


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I've got an old mix tape a friend gave me from when he lived in Norwich.

I danced around my kitchen for ages to Big Betty Blown (??????) 

The woman's voice was great and the playing top notch. 

Shame they didn't take it further. 

With a little more airtime they could have been a real TOTP band.

young people must have loved them back in the day.

There's a lot of pitfalls in the music industry.  I can only guess that they fell into one of them.

Still got the tape.  Still love the song.

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