Biography Edit

Norwich punks washed up form in the summer of 2006 after Englands failure in the world cup. Formed by best friends Dave Clarke and Barlz Kaotixx, both already in other bands but decided after be friends for years it was about time they got in a band together. barlz lead singer in hardcore punks Kaotixx and dave bass player in Funfrock wanted a band with sing-a-long catchy tunes so the two got down to writing tunes.a guitarist was found in pat legend,busking in the streets of Sheringham with a guitar and a drum machine and drummer Steve O from Daves other band Funfrock. Steve O lasted one practice, so friend and singer Dan Brown from Arch Stanton, a very good drummer, was drafted in. The band started gigging and tunes such as "Norwich", "Washed up" and "Pizza to go" soon had the city of Norwich buzzing. They recorded a 3 track CD "Norwich", then a full lenght CD "We are the sloths", then dan left the band so new drummer was needed, and Mini Lee joined and played on we are the sloths cd. Gigging and writing in the band got better. The CD "The world does suck" is to be released in June 2009.near the end of the year a 2nd guitarist was added to the band.scotish kev was found and the sound got beefed up.the start of 2010 pat decided he want to move on and do his solo stuff,so with our blessing he did so.after a long search washed up found a replacement in old friend of barlz,benny boy,bit of a metal head but was put on strict diet of rancid and chuck berry.with the 3 cd to be recorded at end of the year name...brokenhearts on suicide paths,washed still continue to grow the same as englands footy side continue to fail.

Line up Edit

Barlz Kaotixx - vocals
Dave Clarke - bass/vocals
kev peperkin- guitar/vocals
Mini Lee - drums/vocals
ben o'connell-lead guitar
Previous members

pat legend-lead guitar
Steve O - drums
Dan Brown - drums
Punk Emma - guest vocals

Releases Edit

"Norwich" - debut 3 track ep cd, 2006
"we are the sloths"- debut full lenght cd 2007

"the world just sucks"-2nd full lenght cd 2009

"brokenhearts and suicide paths"-3rd full lenght cd 2010

Links Edit

Band Myspace

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