UXB is the name under which Pete Morgan of Noisebox (and for a couple of years in the early 90s, Dominic Varle) performed and recorded under.

The early material can generally be described as ambient techno, with a fw breaks thrown in for good measure, and probably the most prized track is "Sexy Satie", a reworking of Gymnopédies by Eric Satie, which repeat and modifies the Piano refrain. UXB had several releases as part of compilations on Noisebox Records, chiefly NBX001 a white label, which also featured Tribe of Ssenkrad, Volcanic and Resistance, and more ambient material appears on Mechanical Paradise with Faceless, Toxic Frequency and Alpha Seven. An expanded line-up of UXB appeared at the opening of the Virgin Megastore in Norwich but eventually it just became a vehicle for Pete's instrumental ambient/electronic music.

Pete has continued to write and record under the UXB name to the present day, now releasing material on Burning Shed.

Previously Pete and Dominic were The Bushbabies.


NBX001 White Label

12" - April 1993 - Compilation

Mechanical Paradise

Noisebox Records NBX07 - CDLP - 1995