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The Watchmen were an of

Live at the NAC

fshoot of Colorform, formed in 1995 when Colorform disbanded. Pete Lee (guitar and vocals) joined Matt Nagy (bass and vocals), Paul Smith (guitar) and Nigel Emblin (drums). The band set out to write indie songs, rather than follow the line of songs evolving from grooves, as was Colorform's way of writing towards the end.

The band were known for the blaring indie guitar sound, dual vocal with counter melodies, and for being one of the tallest bands in Norwich... (placing Matt's mic several feet closer to the front of the stage so that his 5'8" height wouldn't be dwarfed by Paul and Pete's 6' stature...).

Some blame drugs for the demise of Colorform, whilst others blame formation of the new band The Watchmen. At first, the band was called Octopus. And then another band came out in the mainstream of the same name. So they tried Gas Station. But this was drummer Nigel Emblin's fortnightly dance club, so this was dismissed. Finally, the gang settled on The Watchmen, borrowed from the graphic novel (and now movie).

The band performed often at the Norwich Arts Centre, and occasionally in London. When drummer Nigel Emblin left the band in 1996, Rob Thompson filled the place. But with half the band living in London and the other half in Norwick, lengthy train journeys eventually lead to the demise of the band, shortly after recording their final EP 'Love, Love, Love'

Discography Edit

Clean EP

Drive Me Crazy EP

I Don't Know EP

Cry EP

Live Clean EP

Devotion 7" white vinyl

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Paul Smith and Pete Lee still play in a band called The Black Sharks currently working on their first single soon to be released on Universal records . Matt Nagy still plays once monthly in Horsham in an event called The 'Cession , an event of spontaneous improvised worship music and prophesy.

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