A 24 Track studio, run by Howard Turner of The Nivens with John Wallis and Engineer Chris Wilson (Wyatt?) who played in Lawrence and the Comfortable Society (drums) and Eden (guitar/lead vox). The studio was based at the Old Queen's Head, Great Ellingham near Attleborough in South Norfolk. The Swamp was shut in 1998 when John Wallis sold up and retired to Spain. Chris can be found on facebook as Christopher Hyde-Wyatt.

Brief equipment list: Edit

The Swamp Great Ellingham Norwich - Multitrack: 2" 24tk Aces MT24HS. Mastering: MCI J110 1/4" 30ips. Desk: Seca 36-24-36 - Behringer Cybermix automation. Monitors: Tannoy DC2000, Tannoy PBM6.5, Genelec 1030a.


Oh, and lots and LOTS of compressors.....