"The Splendids" were a five piece pop-rock group with a slight indie flavour formed in the early nineties. Through various line-up changes they eventually turned into a passable facsimile of the style of music typified by "Red hot chili peppers". Danny Watts - the singer, moved to London and now sings for the Infadels who have achieved fame in Europe and Australia, and had some low level chart success in the UK, as well as being play listed on Radio 1 and regularly receiving airplay on 6 music.

The band regularly gigged around Norfolk and Norwich, playing a wide range of gigs ranging from the Lamb to Norwich Arts Centre and The Waterfront. There most notable gig was probably supporting Pulp at the Waterfront, a badly attended event, which had it been booked a month or two later would have occurred after Pulp had suddenly risen to fame.

Karl Minns, who played Bass for the Splendids in the Early 1990s, is the thinner less hairy half of The Nimmo Twins, he has also played Bass with Catherine Feeny, one time Norwich Songstress. Karl now writes funny stuff for TV and radio.


The original Line-up circa 1991 was:

Danny "Bnann" Watts - Vocals

Steve "Ego" Johnson - Lead Guitar

Tim Mills - Rhythm Guitar

Steve Blomfield - Bass

Tom "Toggle" Watts - Drums

Final Line-up circa 1995:

Danny "Bnann" Watts - Vocals

Tom Harrison - Lead Guitar

Dave French - Bass

Tom "Toggle" Watts - Drums

Other members:

Nick Stone - Bass guitar

Karl Minns - Bass guitar