Formed circa 1979, a North Walsham, Paston School band. they were pretty punk/new wave in nature, The name referred to a John Binden the actor and gangster, who was allegedly was also a porn star and was supposedly rather well endowed who was charged with the murder of another gangster Johny Darke at around this time.It's believed the name refers to the hard man rather than the penis and comes from one of the band referring to a local hard nut as "a regular John Binden". They eventually became Idoclast. the band were contemporaries of Gra-Gra, The Outlet, Razor Sharp and the Sea View Bagpipes, and gigged around the North Walsham area.


Nigel Tudman - guitar & vocals,
Simon Wones - keyboards,
Paul Sargent - bass
Robert Brown - drums
Lorraine Collins - lead vocals (occasionally)
Dianne Hare - synth/casio, (Diana was borrowed from the Sea View Bagpipes)

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