The Neutrinos, have come in a variety of shifting flavours over the last ten years, born of some meltingly good psycho trip-hop in the form of Pelt who themselves were one evolutionary step away from the alarmingly odd yet strangely pleasing distorted accordian fuelled femme fatalist agit-pop that was Yoghurt Belly.

The Neutrinos are headed up by Karen Reilly, who has the biggest vocal range of anyone within 500 square miles, possessing a voice that can coyly flutter or blow out windows. The other core member is Jon Baker, he of the hair, who has played bass for an alarming number of bands and is a talented song writer, teacher and music coach, he has also dabbled in the dark arts of music publishing in the past as Scaly Aliens-Yes Jon ,where's the money?, was in Magic Johnson and recorded with Fran Glendining as The Filter Queens.

Their music has adapted and modified over the years, swinging between almost breakbeat to almost heavy metal to almost dirty punk blues. the lyrics tend towards psychosis driven love, an obsession with the dark side of life, spat, shouted and crooned at the audience, The softer songs often showing the band at there most mesmeric.

more to come.

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