Something to do with Joe Boone I think.

The Love Explosions were a funk pop band from Norwich circa 1982-1986. They were a popular live act but never released any records. They were:

Joe Boone - vocals

Duncan Asker - drums

Bobby Barrel - trumpet

Jem Gooch - bass

Zeben Jameson - keyboards

Sean Read - saxophone

Andy Hackett - guitar

Zeben became a session musician playing live with Oasis, The Pretenders Travis and Dodgy amongst others. Sean and Andy play with The Rockingbirds and Edwyn Collins, Sean also has played with Dexys, The Manic Street Preachers and Chrissie Hinde. The Love Explosions were masters of stealing alcohol and were often seen drunkenly fighting often with each other. They recorded an album called 'Black Eyes and Lovebites' which luckily never saw the light of day.

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