The Lemongrowers were and still are the baby of prolific songwriter Richard Brooks. Richard started writing under this name in the late 1980s. The band effectively being a vehicle for Richard's songwriting, the line-up has shifted over the years. His early releases were primarily through Noisebox Records, including two albums, his style of writing and playing was very reminiscent of The Beatles, usually with quite a psychedelic slant, and he favoured recording at The Swamp.

Richard has recently (2008) recorded a new album, his style has shifted in a jazz direction over the last 20 years.


Backwater One - Various Artists
- nbx002 - 1993
(Steerpike/Ivy/Spellbound/The Lemongrowers)
12" black vinyl

Backwater Four - Various artists
Noisebox Records - nbx009 various indie
(Lemongrowers/Neil Keeler/Soft Cotton County/Blue Script)
four track cd ep 1994

nbx011 - cd album

nbx017 - 7" yellow vinyl (limited run)

Now that's what I call Noisebox
nbx018 - cd album Nov-95
various indie/indie rock/pop/electro

You're too beautiful
nbx025 - cds

Ultimate mutation
nbx032 - cd album