The Kitchen Recording Studio was run by Gordon Robertson & Andy Swain in the 1980s.

It grew out of Steve Osborne (see U2, Peter Gabriel etc) recording his vocals in Andy's country kitchen - well sort of. Andy did have an eight track in the depths of south Norfolk and used his kitchen for a vocal booth to get that just-cooked sound. Apart from Steve's Unity Series many other bands recorded in the solitude of downtown Mundham over the summer of 1984 - Laughing Out Loud, The Fire Hydrants, Shake The Nation and so on.

The real Kitchen grew out of Itch when Gordon and Andy joined Steve recording under St Giles St dep in the heart of Norwich. This version was in the cellar of the house opposite the secondhand bookshop (what do you mean you've never been to Norwich). Access was via the front door to Roz's house and power was by way of a 50p meter that periodically packed up during a take - they were simple times then.

The Kitchen moved to St Mary's Work, Duke Street opening in Jan 1986 and offered 16 track recording and a well-used rehersal space. The list of bands is too long and fictitious to mention here - highlights were Deep Switch's album gaining favour with the Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show and Dr Fondle's platform boots.

Some came on a mission to storm the charts and others just to say they'd made a record (or tape). Gordon and Andy decided in late 1987 that there's only so much you can get out of living the dream when there's no cash in the tin. The studio was taken over by one of its clients in one of those 'I liked the studio so much I bought it' moments - it finally closed it's doors a year one or two years later.

If you need a citation for this I can only say that I was there - Andy.

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