Formed in 2002 from former bands; Revulsion, Sweet n Innocent & Jetboy. With the original line up of Barlz, Steve Skingsley, Scally Skingsley, Daz Adams & Andy Rope. The sound was pretty much old school punk, albeit speeded up. They managed to Blag some good Gigs early on. Supporting the likes of; Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, Discharge & a totally Flukey appearance at Punk Aid 2004 (last minute hopeful phone call!) Since then they seem to have stumbled from good gig to good gig with top bands such as; The Dickies, Vibrators, Varukers, Neville Staple (The Specials), Broken Bones, to name but a few. They've also been fortunate enough to play with some Fantastic 'unheard of' Bands, many of whom are their Myspace Friends.

Towards the end of 2005, their 'Guitar God' Scally departed to Australia Permanently, thus leaving them with a hole which seemed un-fillable! then by pure chance, after talking to him at a Party, The band managed to con Chris Peters into joining! More great gigs followed supporting the likes of The Anti Nowhere League, Extreme Noise Terror, UK Subs. Other highlights were playing The Hundred Club on Oxford St for the 30th anniversary of punk and also the punk weekender at Hemsby 2007.

In Sept 2007 Steve moved to Greece to become a fulltime alcoholic, and the remaining Kaotixx continued as a four piece.. The sound tightened up and the songs became faster with a more metal edge. Steve still plays gigs with the band when he’s back in the UK, the last one being in Nov 2008.

The Kaotixx are the laziest band in the world and although not officially split, they havn’t done anything for a while, nor plan to at this point in time. However, watch this space.


Line up 2002 - 2005

Barlz - Vocals

Daz Adams - Bass

Steve Skingsley - Rhythm Guitar

Scally Skingsley - Lead Guitar

Andy Rope - Drums

Steve Skingsley also played in Sweet n Innocent, Revulsion and New York Scumhaters

Daz also played/plays in Jet Boy, Betty Ford and Liqueur

Chris also played/plays in - The Charge, Canis Strange, Burning Ambitions, Backwards Dog, Jet Boy, Betty Ford and Liqueur.

Scally Skingsley also played in Sweet n Innocent and Revulsion

Andy Rope also played in Revulsion

Barlz also plays in Washed Up


The Kaotixx managed to record:


Satans Soup - 2002
(named after some of the dodgy cider they liked to drink)

Punk Rock - 2004.


double A-sided CD

‘Bite Back/I Can’t Take It’ - 2008.


C U Next Tuesday, Sucker! - 2007


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