Biography Edit

Formed in 1980 at the UEA (University of East Anglia) The Higsons' first recording was on the Norwich - A Fine City compilation album. The band eventually signed to 2 Tone Records. The first single, "I Don't Want to Live with Monkeys", was released in 1981. The band's blend of high-energy funk and groove brought them success gigging widely and flirting with teh charts. The band split in 1986.

After the band split, Charlie Higson became Charlie Higson comedy writer and actor of Fast show fame. Terry Edwards (who also appeared in Serious Drinking) went on to do loads of stuff and is still writing and performing. Simon Charterton formed Camden band The Aftershave and in alsowrote the libretto for their opera/musical The Reader's Wife in 2005.

Members Edit

Charlie Higson - Lead vocals, harmonica, piano

Terry Edwards - Guitar, trumpet, saxophone, piano, vocals

Simon Charterton - Drums, vocals

Dave Cummings - Guitar, vocals

Colin Williams - Bass guitar, vocals

Stuart McGeachin - Guitar, vocals

Discography Edit

Singles Edit

"I Don't Want to Live With Monkeys" (1981) - Romans in Britain label. Cat. No. HIG2

"Got to Let This Heat Out" - Waap Records. Cat. No. WAAP1 / 12WAAP1

"Conspiracy" (1982) - Waap Records. Cat. No. WAAP2

"Push Out the Boat" - Waap Recorrds. Cat. No. WAAP4

"Lost and Lonely" - Waap Recorrds. Cat. No. WAAP5

"Tear the Whole Thing Down" / "Y Lang, Y Lang" - 2 Tone Records. Cat. No. CHSTT21

"Run Me Down" (Long Version) / "Put The Punk Back Into Funk Pts 1 & 2" (1983) - 2 Tone Records. Cat. No. CHSTT24

"Music to Watch Boys By" (1984) - Upright Records. Cat. No. UP9

"Take It" (1985) - R4. Cat. No. FOR2 [1]

Compilation albums Edit

Attack of the Cannibal Zombie Businessmen (1987) - retrospective singles compilation - Waap Records

It's a Wonderful Life - compilation album of BBC Radio 1 sessions, on the Hux records label (1998)[2]

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