A four or five piece band formed in 1986, They played a jaunty angular accessible happy sort of pop that involved hats and long hair, The band was fronted by Grant Davis and Graeme Davis (I think), on Vocals, Bass and Guitar respectively, dave played drums followed by Dave from Chokedon a worm and the Mad Arabs,the other two fixtues were the rather pleasing on the eye backing Singers, Rachel and ??, They gigged widely around Norwich and were a fixture at the Norwich Arts Centre, particularly The Weh Aye Cocker Club. they were contemporaries of Jack The Bear, Virtually Fat Freez, Bite and Dr Stick.they split in about 1988.

Grant Davis is still active as a musician, and has been spotted in a line-up on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks". Graeme Davis has returned to Norwich after many years living in London, and is the lead singer in Norwich-based The Dirigibles. 


Cocker Club Three EP

Cocker Records 7" Vinyl, hand made sleeve, Cat No: Cock3

The Elephants - Newcastle Brown

Kaisers Advisers - All to Complicated

The Avons - Is billy there

Cary Grant's Wedding - Skid Chicane