The Bushbabies were formed in Cardiff in the late 1980s by Steve Chen and Pete Morgan (who later moved to Norwich and opened Noisebox).

The line-up (and music) varied over the years, highlights included playing with The Cranes at Portsmouth Polytechnic and releasing a track ('Julia') on a Bite Back! Records compilation album in 1987.

Eventually just Pete was left, playing guitar over electronic-pop backing tracks. In 1992 after moving to Norwich, The Bushbabies (ie Pete) supported No-Man at Camden's HQ club cementing a link with No-Man singer Tim Bowness that led to the formation of label Burning Shed.

Soon after, Val Kilmer-lookalike Dominic Varle (ex-of The Sherbs) joined The Bushbabies on lead guitar. After some gigs in Norwich and London the electro-pop was abandoned for a harder sound and a new name: UXB. The first performance under the new name being upstairs at The Waterfront in 1992.


Pete Morgan

Steve Chen

Dominic Varle


Bite Back! Records compilation- "Get Ready for Revelation!"

Vinyl LP 1988.


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