Streetlife got together around 1985-paul dacre and cameron spencer{guitar} started jamming with locals drummers- ginge{anyone remember him-also tom{well known} cj burton{well know } before anexe{mike unsworth}. joined us .then we got cindy and darrell sam{RIP} .We played alots of gigs at the uea barn{now demolished} the lcr- horsham k-block{demolished- the gala-ect.We got a tv show "prob an early version of x-factor, which we won our heat and came 2nd,{during this darrell was held up in morroco and joe boone took over with karlos armes on vocals.Mikey dread who was the bass player was replaced by frank holigan-and a bit later anexe was replaced by steve barney{hes done well!} Pip colwell and mark ferris also spike on trombone{brass section}Around 1987 we also had sean read {manic street preachers edwyn collins}and bobby barrell on brass-.Remember playing loads of free nelson mandela gigs{even when he was released! }Supported lots good names- freddie mcgregor- desmond dekker- ekk-a mouse- john cooper clarke-.Played alot at the norwich art center -did the christmas gig for about 5 years running! norwich womens soul choir supported us a couple of times{on video i think}Band finished around 1991.

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