The Boyz

2008 reunion: Paul, Howie, Chris, David


Early days: Paul, Tony, David, Howie

Serious Risk was a rock / blues / covers band that performed around Norfolk from 1988 to 1998. The core of the band consisted of bass player Paul Morgan, legendary lead Howie Marsh and rhythm player / vocalist David Bryant. In true Spinal Tap fashion, the drum stool was occupied by a variety of more or less syncopated individuals including Chris Grey, Chris Bould and Colin Alden. During the Risk's first few years on the circuit, lead vocal duties were carried out by the charismatic Tony Spencer, who is still performing out there somewhere (Although without his trademark tambi: I've got that!)
Other frequent players included Colin Chettleburgh and the immensely talented Bob Walker (Fat Alice, Poontang etc)
All four members of the final line-up are still playing: Howie with 'The Divide', Chris with 'Firewire' while Paul, David & Chris can be heard most Thursdays at Heathlands, Blofield. Reunions are frequent and well-attended!

Here's the website!

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