Formed in February 1981 having met at the UEA, the name came from a Cockney Rejects interview, They were unreservedly punky and had a nicely twisted sense of what is what in the world, i.e. love and football and beer.

Their debut EP, "Love On The Terraces" (produced by Mark Bedford of Madness fame) reached 9 in the Indie Chart in 1982, "Hangover" the follow up reached number 4 the following year.

Debut album "The Revolution Starts at Closing Time" reached number 4, followed in 1984 by , "They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They're Still Human Beings". They released one more single, "Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk", Then the band largely split with fragments continuing to gig for a while

The band recorded four John Peel sessions "Love On The Terraces" reached number 38 in the 1982 Festive Fifty. (only being beaten locally by )

There is also a retrospective compilation available, "Stranger Than Tannadice - The Hits, Misses and Own Goals" was released on the Worker's Playtime label, to coincide with the 1990 World Cup, A couple of singles appeared in the 1990s.

During their time they gigged widely and were a firm city favourite.


Original Line-up

Martin Ling - vocals, (formerly of The Higsons)

Eugene Rodgers - vocals,

Terry Edwards - Guitar(formerly of The Higsons)

Andy Hearshaw - guitar (formerly of The Farmer's Boys)

Jem Moore - bass (left 1984)

Lance Dunlop - drums (left 1984) Karen - drums

Other members

Pete "The Colonel" Saunders - keyboard

Simon Charterton - drums



Love On The Terraces EP
(1982) Upright (#9)

(1983) Upright (#4)

Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk
(1984) Upright (#8)

Where Have All The Donkey Jackets Gone?
(MT-194) - Musical Tragedies 1992

Red Skies Over Wembley
(1993) Musical Tragedies

Back Home 1966
(1996) Damaged Goods


The Revolution Starts at Closing Time (1983) Upright (#4)

They May Be Drinkers Robin, But They're Still Human Beings (1984) Upright (#16)

The Joy of Pigs (1984) Rebel Rec German Import (#?)

Stranger Than Tannadice - The Hits, Misses and Own Goals (1990) Worker's Playtime

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