Rogues Gallery were a punk/folk band, featuring an assembly of faces from Norwich and the area, Famous for fairly jolly, fast and energetic sets, that generally featured the singer Graham wearing a top hat, and a waistcoat with this thumbs stuck in his braces, whilst jumping about. They were regulars at various venues, and played at the Weh Aye Cocker Club several times.Despite building up a large local following the group never achieved their full potential. Courted by Island Records and a few (2 ) others they finally disbanded.

Dave Aiano the guitarist also ran Rogues Studio on Barkers Street.


Graham Furness - Vocals, jumping about

Dave Aiano - Guitars

Sten - Violin rep;aced by Chris Holderness

Bass - Mark Harper rep;aced by derrick o'sullivan and then Simon Rankin

Drums - Sid

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