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Radical Change Records was a record label founded by the punk band Disrupters, in 1981, with help and distribution from Backs Records.

The label was active from 1981 to 1988, the last release was in 1985.

Discography Edit

RC1 Young Offender 7" Disrupters 1981

RC2 Shelters for the Rich 7" Disrupters 1982

RC3 Don't Feed Us Shit 7" Icon A.D. 1982

RC4 Let the Vultures Fly... 7" Icon A.D. 1983

RC5 (I Didn't Wanna Be a) Soldier 7" Self Abuse 1984

RC6 Bomb Heaven 7" Disrupters 1984

12RC7 Ever Get the Feeling of Utter... 12" Revulsion 1985

12RC8 Alive in the Electric Chair 12" Disrupters 1985

RCLP1 Unrehearsed Wrongs LP Disrupters 1983

RCLP2 Armageddon in Action LP Destructors 1983

RCLP3 Playing With Fire LP Disrupters 1984

RCLP4 Words Worth Shouting LP V/A 1985

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