Set up in the late 1980s by ex-oil worker, utter show-off, and loud dude, Richard Hammerton, using an eight track to records friends bands in his house in Gorleston, as well as his own quite successful band Stare.

"Purple Rain" quickly moved into premises on the end of Great Yarmouth seafront, actually an old abbatoir (hence the sloping floors kids!). A rock solid reupatation was gradually being built as a reliable dependable and fun place to go and either knock out a demo, or record whole albums. The client basse continued to grow and in the nineties it seeemed that everybody was forming a queue to record at Purple, including big names from all over the UK.

Richard added sleeping quarters to the studios to accommodate those who wanted to work late, and eventually decided and organised a move to the bright lights of Trowse near Norwich. This was required to make life involve less driving about in vans full of amplifiers and drums, so in the late nineties, Purple Studios, as it now was known, upped sticks and moved to Trowse old Church hall where it still is today.

Richard, sold the business in 2007, he now drives a sweet shop van, but can still tell tall stories and make you laugh.