Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire was the Disrupters 2nd album, released on Radical Change Records in 1984.

Side A Edit

A1 The Evil Dead
A2 Morphine Stockbroker
A3 Surfshock
A4 State Bootboys
A5 Playing With Fire
A6 Bungalows of Sprowston (poem by Prem Nick)

Side B Edit

B1 Elvis and His Dream
B2 Someone Bombed the Orphanage
B3 Bomb Heaven
B4 Norman Tebbit (poem by Prem Nick)
B5 Rich Whore
B6 Vermin in Ermine


Credits Edit

Label: Radical Change Records

Cat No# RCLP3

Released: 1984

Vocals - Steve Hansell
Bass - Steve Hough
Drums - Kevin Wymer

Guitar - Paul Greener
Engineer - John Bygrave
Producer - Disrupters & John Bygrave
Composed by - Disrupters
Sleeve by - Paul Sharpe

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