The Piggly Wigglies, were named after the famous American midwestern chainstore. style-wise they were characterised by there full on aural assault technique, The songs were pretty dark, although hid an undercurrent of humour, influenced by the burgeoning hardcore scene, rock and indie. probably the most well-remembered songs they did were "Violet's Teeth" which was about one band members grandmother's false teeth, and a cover of "Dazed and confused" by Led Zeppelin, which was curious to say the least, a studio recording of which had several hours of backwards guitar in it trimmed down to fit the lead part. The tracks recorded were supposed to be part of Cocker 4, the fourth release from Cocker Records which sadly never made it out of the studio as money was non-existent in 1987.


Vocal/Guitar - Andy "Art" Bailey

Guitar/Backward guitar/bent guitar/detuned guitar - Dick

Guitar/Keyboard - Dave Rose

Bass guitar - JT

Drums - ? (covered by Nick Martin of Cary Grant's Wedding at one point)