Penguins Go Pop were formed in the late 80s by Richard Penguin (Vocals, percussion, and songs), John Hough (Guitar, Bass, Fiddle and Keyboards) and Mark 'scoop' Wyatt ( Guitar and Bass). Around that time they shared a house in Little Armes Street in Norwich and recorded their early demos at Mark's Scoop studios. They soon added Drummer Andy Mickleburgh and Guitarist Claude Alberts and began playing live.

Richard. Mark and Andy were the three constant members with at different times people such as Stephen Bennett and Audrey Mcintyre playing keyboards, Andy Butler playing guitar and Tim Vialls playing Bass.

John and Claude also returned after leaving at different points.

They built up a small but dedicated following for their quirky, offbeat, lyrical songs and played a couple of reunions.

Richard now runs his own press and promotions, and bookings agency working with musicians, writes a music column, broadcasts a radio show, and until early 2012 ran a live music night in a cafe in Norwich.

Mark recently returned to live in Norwich, and Andy travels the world in between working in Norwich.

John has been living in mid Wales since the early 90s, sadly Claude died of a heart problem in the early 2000s.

Stephen works at UEA and still plays music, Andy B is a respected loop guitarist, Tim lives in Exeter, but nobody is quite sure where Audrey is.

In July 2011 for fun Richard and Mark got together with Graeme ( ex of The elephants) and played 3 of Richard's songs acoustically under the name 2 Penguins and an Elephant at his Acoustic and Eclectic night, and repeated this at the third birthday of the nights in January 2012.

Who knows what the future holds?

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