Now that's what I call Noisebox was released in 1995, designed to be a sampler and as a full stop at the end of the Backwater Series of sampler singles and EPs. The Album included a track by each band that had appeared on the first 4 EPs, plus one track by a band intended to be on the fifth EP which never happened, plus three tracks by people who were variously involved in the projects, This included Richard Hammerton ofPurple Studios new project after Stare, called Slot; Richard being responsible for a lot of the recordings by the bands. Chris Wyatt engineer at The Swamp (and formerly of Eden) project called Mechanical Star who was responsible for recordings by the others, and a track by Nick Stone, who produced nearly all of the design work for Noisebox, with Pete Morgan in a two man thing called Neatishead. At the time the intention was to concentrate on individual bands releases after this point, although Noisebox did go back to split singles and samplers later on.

The packaging was unusual and heavily subsidised by the two printers who were involved, Magpie (Bob Horton being a keen musician in his Youth) and PSNL, it featured a 24 page booklet with a page per band, who were consulted on the content (The Waddle page caused some consternation in some quarters). The book and CD were wrapped in a card sleeve with embossing, the CD was mounted on a spindle, The cases were hand assembled, The process being described as "Fucking terrible" and "never to be repeated", which it wasn't until several years later when everyone had forgotten how bad it was.


1. Magoo - Peanut Boy

2. Ivy - Unmindful of the Night

3. Slot - Cuts you like a knife

4. Waddle - Tony

5. Naked - One way or another

6. Mechanical Star - No more need to

7. Blue Script - Melt

8. Spellbound - Encore

9. Republic - Bulkhead

10. NFL - Pepsi Max

11. The Joeys - Tequila Sheila

12. The Lemongrowers - Lemon Grove (rock lemon mix ii)

13. Steerpike - Hysteria

14. Compact Pussycat - Push Yourself

15. DIY Vultures (Delta Radio) - London

16. Soft Cotton County - Engine Summer (1815 - 1950)

17. Neil Keeler - Rapture (Club Mix)

18. Joyland - October Rain (Joyland remix)

19. Neatishead - Goodbye

NBX018 - Noisebox records - 1995