A 1981 compilation album, the cover of which featured the "Welcome To Norwich" sign that can be found on most of the main roads into the city. The album boasted a wealth of local talent and was the brainchild of James Kyllo, Steve Bloch and Mark Thornbury. It was released on the Kyllo, Bloch and Thornberry's Romans In Britain label (catalogue number NERO 1). Around 1000 copies were pressed.

The album had a total of 14 tracks, with seven bands contributing two tracks each. The record launched the recording careers of The Higsons and Screen 3, both of whom released singles on Romans In Britain before signing to major labels. Steve Bloch and Mark Thornberry played in two of the other bands on the album, Capitalist Music and, with James Kyllo, The Mohair Twins. The remaining three bands were The Happy Few, The Clynics and The Panic Parade.


1 The Happy Few – "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (03:39)
2 The Higsons – "My Love Is Bent (At Both Ends)" (03:07)
3 Screen 3 – "Live And Learn" (02:34)
4 The Mohair Twins – "Railway Sex" (04:05)
5 The Panic Parade – "Little Games" (02:36)
6 The Clynics – "Learning To Smile" (02:41)
7 Capitalist Music – "Jane's Gone To France" (03:10)
8 Screen 3 – "Shades Of Black" (03:19)
9 The Clynics – "Eastern Exercise" (03:54)
10 The Mohair Twins – "Five Hawian Bullets" (04:00)
11 The Happy Few – "Ultimate Sanction" (03:23)
12 The Panic Parade – "Blue Light Brigade" (03:23)
13 The Higsons – "We Will Never Grow Old" (03:22)
14 Capitalist Music – "Do You Really Love That Girl?" (02:16)