Noisebox opened in early 1992 in the old Fishmarket, on Mountergate. Over the next few years it built from one rehearsal room (with a very basic 6-track portastudio for recording demos) to having three rooms, duplication facilities, gig promotions, equipment hire and a record label.

In 1997, Noisebox moved to the former Avery Scales building on King Street (next to The Waterfront). With four rehearsal rooms, teaching spaces and offices it was a major expansion and was based on hosting the Access To Music courses.

Over the next five years, Noisebox built again: converting the basement to another studio/teaching space; running vocal workshops, expanding the CD/DVD duplication business; managing bands; continuing the Noiebox Records label and the Planet Noisebox offshoot; gig/club promotions; organising events in the City parks and a million other things. During this time, Pete Morgan also established the Norfolk & Norwich Fringe Festival (with Lisa Morgan and Ian Johnson), and (in 2001) set up a new online record label in Burning Shed (with Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers).

In 2001, Access To Music bought the King Street building from Noisebox. To this day it is still referred to as 'the Noisebox building' and offers thriving music courses and rehearsal space.

Noisebox itself moved to offices on Thorpe Road to concentrate solely on the CD/DVD duplication business and became Noisebox Digital Media Limited.

In 2008, Noisebox Digital Media (and the ever-expanding Burning Shed label) moved to larger offices on Thorpe Road. Both businesses continue to interact with the local music scene.