The Label

NR one records is a Norwich record label set up by Kingsley Harris in 2005, the intention being to fill a gap in the local music scene, promoting local talent and producing and funding releases. Initially the label was part of an offshoot of Kingsley's "Eastzone" project, but has become a self sustaining business that is Kingsley's full time job.


NR44 The Brownies - Cougar 7"/CD/DD released MAR 09

NR43 Violet violet - C-C-C-Cat 7"/CD/DD released 09

NR42 Fuck Dress - Ultra Now! EP CD/DD Released FEB 09

NR41 The Barlights - Ticking CD/DD Released 09

NR40 2 Hot 2 Sweat - Half-Assed Rom Com White 7"/CD/DD NOV 08

NR39 The Barlights - If It Wasn't For The Light, The Dark Would Have Killed Us album Released 09

NR38 The Great Shakes - It Won't Stop CD/DD NOV 08

NR37 Tin Man - Emotional Response Clear 7"/DD

NR36 Aeroplane -Stop Start CD/DD

NR35 The Kabeedies - Ten Animals I Slam In A Net Red 7" Only

NR34 UH OHs - Cheat Cheater Green 7"/DD

NR33 The Lost Levels - Never The First White 7"/CD/DD

NR32 V/A - Happy F**king Christmas album

NR31 Tin Man - Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! album

NR30 The Unremarakables - 21st Century Ghost EP CD/DD

NR29 Violet Violet - Bring Bring The Morn And Bike Till Dawn Double 7"/CD/DD Artrockers single of the month

NR28 Fuck Dress - Suburban Nietzsche Freak Grey 7"/DD aired on Radio 1 and also Spian/USA and Holland.

NR27 The Barlights - Honest Misbehaviours CD single

NR26 Aeroplane - Wishstar album

NR25 The Matthew Project - Soul Reversal DD only

NR24 Aeroplane - Wishstar Free DD single

NR23 Rosalita - Manga Girl White 7"/CD/DD

NR22 Tin Man - Tonight Red 7"/CD/DD aired on Huw Stephens, Radio One.

NR21 The Brownies - Means To An End Blue 7"/CD/DD - The Guardian's single of the week

NR20 The Matthew Project - Soul Reversal DD Only

NR19 Tin Man - Parallel Lives Green 7"/CD/DD

NR18 Violet Violet - Love This Band/Baby's Going Down Yellow 7"/CD/DD. (Single of the week 26-30 Nov Steve Lamaqc BBC 6Music)

NR17 The Unremarkables - Five Year Holiday album CD

NR16 2 Hot 2 Sweat - Your Space Or Mine Clear 7"/DD

NR15 Violet Violet - Bitchbox album CD/DD

NR14 The Shadow Project - A Beauty To Fight For album CD/DD

NR13 will be our last ever release. Unlucky for everyone.

NR12 Cortez - Too Orangey For Crows album CD/DD

NR11 The Unremarkables - Cruel Summer CD/DD

NR10 Oblique - Radiate CD/DD

NR9 V/A - Wombatonebat CD only

NR8 Rory McVicar -The Things You Do Orange 7"/CD/DD

NR7 Cortez - Letters Home CD/DD

NR6 Cortez - Conquistador album CD/DD

NR5 Oblique - Going Going Gone EP CD/DD (Gideon Coe 6Music Favourite)

NR4 My Visor - Sickroom Remixes CD only

NR3 Cortez - Ashtray Heart 7"/CD/DD

NR2 V/A - Suicide-Sing-Along 10" Only

NR1 Cortez - This Is Nowhere 10"/CD/DD