Murmur Troop (Norwich local band)

Murmur Troop (Norwich local band)

Murmur Troop play the UEA LCR 11th October 1987 Video Derek Williams


Murmur Troop were made up of a trio of Petes and a Sim, Pete Tutton and Simon Hadlow were both from the Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells area of Kent, Pete Atkins from Norfolk and the third Pete Scott who was at the Norwich School Of Art. They formed around 1987. They raised a reasonable following locally and gigged heavily around the area, including Norwich Arts Centre, The Jacquard, and The Hit Factory in Great Yarmouth and producing various recording throughout 1987 and into 1988, The songs were melodic and quite powerfully emblematic, there was a definite slant towards arnarcho-syndicalist politics buried in under clever lyrics and a sheen of music redolent of Teardrop Explodes, Public Image Limited, Iggy, Gang of Four and Echo and the Bunnymen guitars and drums.

The band were contemporaries with other performers such as Bite, Dr Fondle, Dr Stick, Rogues Gallery and New York Scumhaters.

The band eventually split in 1988, Sim went off to learn saxophone and get a PSV licence, travelled and ended up back in kent, where he has also been in Heads of State and the Warwick Lowe Band. he's now a graphic designer. Pete Tutton continues to fight the powers that be, albeit in a slightly less musical manner as a Policy Officer for Debt for CAB and can quite often be heard on Radio 4 or seen on the news. The whereabouts of the other band members is currently unknown

Personnel Edit

Pete Tutton - Vocals

Pete Scott - Guitar

Sim Hadlow - Bass

Pete Atkins - Drums

Known Gigs Edit

March 7th 1987 - Dr Fondle + Murmur Troop at Norwich Arts Centre

February 3rd 1988 - Murmur Troop + Rogues Gallery + New York Scumhaters at Jacquard Club, Norwich.