Noisebox releases

Backwater three compilation.

cat no nbx006
The Joeys
Compact Pussycat

the mudshark ep
7" orange vinyl [ noisebox records ] nbx013
date of release 01/05/95

01] tom, lou, and me
02] elsie's skinny arms
03] pop your mouth

robot carnival
7" blue vinyl [ noisebox records ] nbx016
date of release 11/09/95

01] robot carnival
02] sampa calmida ( land of joy )
03] candle buddha
04] rocket to spector city

close continental d.n.a.
CD album (retrospective collection of singles) nbx034
date of release 23/03/98

01] eye spy
02] motel mining
03] soaterama
04] struck a chord
05] polka party no.2
06] silver screen
07] word is out
08] diving bell
09] goldwyn
10] robot carnival
11] sampa calmida ( land of joy )
12] candle buddha
13] rocket to spector city
14] are you alright ?
15] pop your mouth
16] tom, lou, and me
17] elsie's skinny arms
18] peanut boy
19] on a beach

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