SO... You've got the band together, allowed your creative juices to trickle over the fret board and rehearsed until you're as tight as the proverbial duck's a**e. Now what??

Well I guess it's time to start thinking about where this band is going and how you are going to get your music out there and enjoyed by others. It's time to make that first EP or even think about an album if you have enough quality original material.!

In Norwich the choice of recording facilities is immense (just look at the Featured Recording studios on this site alone). As a musician or band, how do you differentiate between them? Do you look at price, stated quality or experience levels of staff? Of course if they have the best gear and engineers that have worked with big artists they can ask the highest price. Maybe as a start up, unsigned band paying for it yourself that maybe out of your reach? It doesn't have to be that way.... Higher recording spend does not guarantee the best result!

MDM Recording,, is a small mobile recording company looking to provide Norfolk bands with a quality option to the traditional recording studio visit. It is not out to compete with the "top dollar" residential studios that the signed bands can afford. However, the low cost of recording on location definitely does NOT mean low quality.

Practical experience coupled with good theoretical knowledge is crucial to any recording facility, and actually more so in a demanding acoustic environment. The big advantage of a mobile operation is not having the financial overhead of the studio premises allowing costs to be kept low and investment to be made in the recording chain particularly at the analogue front end where it matters. Ultimately its all about capturing the performance. For you to produce the best performance you have to be relaxed, comfortable with the set up and not watching the clock. Understanding that need is part of the engineer's job and that is what MDM aims to achieve.

If you want a value for money, quality recording and you have space to set up at home, at a rehearsal studio or local venue then this company could be useful to you.

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