Liza wolfe promo 2007

Liza Wolfe Promo shot

Liza Wolfe

In 1983 Liza recorded her first songs with a band called ‘Flight’. In the late 80’s Liza joined” Sohho” a blues rock outfit. They toured across the country playing festivals and Motorcycle rallies and got a lot of airplay on “Radio Caroline” the infamous pirate station! Regularly performing on the Caroline Road shows Liza and the band became very popular. Liza went on to form her own band again in 1993 and recorded an Album of original material then titled “All time Low” which featured Norfolk boy Luke Bullen (KT Tunstall’s Husband/Drummer) It was then she began to get interest from management and had the opportunity to be featured singing alongside Ruby Turner, Jocelyn Brown, Sinitta and Holly Johnson on the charity single Rock for Romania. Shortly after that Liza parted with her management and decided to perform with function bands in the area. For 2 years she even donned a wig and platform boots and became Frieda in a top Abba tribute act! This took her around the world performing on Cruise ships and in the Middle East.

In 2004 Liza began writing new material again and decided to blow the dust off her First Album “All time Low” and got back on the scene with a debut gig supporting Girls School. In the meantime she has not stopped performing and following her passion which is to sing and write

Now after renaming the first Album “Played with Fire” and re-releasing it, she has had Radio one airplay with the track “All Time Low” and is back on the scene with a brand new EP “Come Around” Already having regular Radio airplays.

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