Live at the Brickmakers , Norwich 2009

Liqueur were officially born during the first Latitude festival , by telephone - Chris and Daz , former bandmates from Betty Ford (previously Jet Boy ) were toying with the idea of playing Cure songs , so whilst they formulated a plan during the simultaneous Lord Mayors Procession taking place in Norwich , Flob enthusiastically took the call to enrol as drummer . It was a no-brainer. Much of the Cure's back catalogue is keyboard laden , so to overcome this potential lack of texture from a traditional three piece , certain songs would be assisted by keyboard parts placed on a backing track . Rehearsals ensued to produce a first gig

quite literally on a cliff at Trimingham during August 2007 , and shortly afterward , keyboard and guitar hero Gary , previously of Passchendaele joined in , to complete the line-up . Succesful gigs at the Brickmakers followed , also one videoed , which can be seen on the youtube 'liqueurband' channel . Forthcoming gigs include a Hallowe'en special at the waterfront , Norwich , on October 29th 2010 .

the band have a website -

and can be contacted easily there , or throguh their facebook page ' Liqueur - a tribute to 'The Cure'

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