Biography Edit

Kingsley Harris is the head honcho of the massively successful NR one records, He is also a fanatical collector of anything to do with The Norwich music scene, and curates the East Anglian Music Archive, a huge collection of recording of Music from Norwich and East Anglia, so large is the collection he had an extension built onto his house in 2003 to house it.

He also runs a publishing company called Hannah Publications, which has assumed the gargantuan task of collating a lot of the information regarding local releases into book format This is known as The Eastzone project (the name coming from the Screen 3 album), The publishing is currently on hold due to the pressure the somewhat unexpected success of the Record label has put on him.

Kingsley can usually be found slumped in a corner at most venues looking tired and needing a shave, if you see him buy him a pint.

Bands on Kingsleys Rosta include:

The Great Shakes, The Kabeedies, UH OHs, The Lost Levels, Fuck Dress, The Barlights, Aeroplane, Rosalita, The Brownies, The Matthew Project, Tin Man, 2 Hot 2 Sweat, Violet violet, The Shadow Project, The Unremarkables, Rory McVicar, Oblique, My Visor and Cortez