Key 54 is Tom Albrighton of Faceless. He has produced one album on Burning Shed, material spans a fair gamut of influences, from ambient to funk fuelled. In true faceless style the material is recorded with the minimum of equipment, in this case using Garageband on an Applemac, a Rhodes Piano and a pile of vinyl. Mastered with Audacity with Waves FinalPlug.


Key 54 - Golden Monkey

1. Enlightenment (dawn) (4:40)
2. If there is a war (3:09)
3. Keygroove (5:17)
4. Stakeout (3:32)
5. Castell de X'tiva (5:22)
6. Silent fjord (1:34)
7. Clockwatching (4:51)
8. Before the storm (4:37)
9. Through the dreamy afternoon (3:59)
10. Enlightenment (dusk) (3:21)
11. Fly by night (4:07)
12. 2am (7:52)

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