KaitO were an English indie rock band from Norwich.

Their music consists of loud, pop-punk melodies combined with a unique mix of guitar effects.


The band was formed in 1996 from the remnants of Scully they signed a European deal with Fierce Panda and an American deal with Devil in the Woods in 2001. They played mostly in England, but also toured the United States on many occasions.

The band's first full-length debut was released in August 2001, entitled You've Seen Us..You Must Have Seen Us. This was quickly followed up with a single, Cat Nap, while British music critics praised KaitO's unique punky sound.

2002 began with tours for the band, most notably with the Datsuns, Seafood and Imperial Teen. An EP was released (Montigola Underground) that summer despite the touring, and KaitO eventually left Devil in the Woods for SpinART in 2003. Their album Band Red was released in May 2003. In 2006, Kaito broke up. Their official website is still hosted by Mute and is located at although the domain name has expired.


  • Nikki Colk (vocals, guitar)
  • Gemma Cullingford (bass guitar)
  • Dave Lake (guitar)
  • Dieta Quantrill (drums)



  • You've Seen Us...You Must have Seen Us (2001)
  • Band Red (2003)


  • "Who'ee Owee" (1997)
  • "60 Second Popstar" (1998)
  • "Go" (2000)
  • "Cat Nap" (2001)
  • Montigola Underground EP (2002)

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