The Kaiser's Advisors started out as four schoolfriends - Charlie Robinson (Vox/Guitar), Stuart Toll (Bass), Simon Hawes (Lead Guitar) and David Thrower (Drums), who all attended Taverham High School.

Their first published recording was 'For The Love Of Dave' which was available as a home-produced cassette, complete with band-designed artwork. It was 'Recorded in a large house, Mixed in a small village'. Dave's techie brother Paul (Me!) did the initial recording, I think at Stuart Toll's house. The subsequent 4-to-2 mix took place at Dave's home in Drayton.

A post punk/new wave band, very much the spikey haired, spikey lyriced angry mob of mid-eighties Norwich, they played extensively at Norwich Arts Centre, and were part of the same scene that spawned bands such as Three Black Cats, Choked on a Worm, The Mad Arabs, Council of Ancients, and the June Recruits. Reasonably long-lived, they thrived within the local scene into the late eighties, releasing various things mainly on compilations duch as Massive which featured Basti and Globo forerunners Herman Herd and Eva Valve, and also appeared on a Cocker Records release. Charlie Robinson was the lead singer and at the forefront of the Norwich Venue Campaign (as was Jason Delf, the Bass player with Republic), which resulted ultimately in the opening of the Waterfront.

The band never really did split as such, but eventually went on to become Republic, where they made a sigificant contribution to the live music scene in Norwich..


Charlie Robinson - Vocals/Guitar

Simon Hawes - Guitar

Stuart Toll - Bass

David Thrower - Drums


to follow