Formed in the early nineties, Joyland were named after funfair play area on Great Yarmouth Promenade, Near Where Simon Faraday-Drake grew up. The music was clever pop, with hooks and tricks gleaned from the likes of John Barry, Often with a slight down tempo slant and melancholic edge about it, Both of which seemed to offer the tracks up for remixing which was duly carried out by the excellent Faceless on several occasions.

They made an appearance on a TV pilot show recorded over several nights hosted by Tom Robinson, which also included various other local acts.

Joyland eventually underwent a metamorphosis and became Real Universal who went on to gig in the USA and were signed to Rainbow quartz records, An album was produced which was never realeased.


Simon Faraday-Drake - Vocals/Guitars
Mark Osborne - Guitar (post 1995)
Gary Hall - Bass
John Larkin - Drums

other personnel
Pete Morgan - Bass


Backwater 3
Compilation CDS - Various Artists

The Joeys - My hated Uncle
Magoo - Don't stop to think
Compact Pussycat - ?
Joyland - ?

nbx014 - CDLP - Noisebox Records (1995)

1. Sick Day
2. October Rain
3. You Are the Sun
4. Meltdown
5. You Want Wings
6. October Rain (Downpour Mix - Faceless)
7. Sick Day (Superfly Mix - Faceless))
8. October Rain (Overjoyed Mix - Faceless))

nbx018 - Now that's what I call Noisebox (compilation) October Rain (Joyland mix)