Irregular eclectic music nights at various venues, primarily the bar at Norwich Arts Centre, set up by . Howlback Hum has been in existence for several years.

Howlback Hum is the brainchild of local gig promoter Shane O'Connor who has been organising and promoting the local gig night since 1999. Howlback Hum nights are held across the City in anything from basements or fields to pubs and bars. "Fundamentally the night acts as a platform for local bands to get out and play. Our aims are often small and hard to achieve but are special none the less." In the gigs that he puts on Shane strives to root out talent, quality and innovation at every step. "Some times you just have to tell people that they can't play. It's always down to the quality of music."

Howlback Hum is seen by many to be the most cutting edge of all the Norwich promoters, they alway try to put on the newest, most avant garde artists the city has to offer.

We're from Norwich Edit

In 2004 shane decided to release an annual compliation the celebrate all thinks Norwich. He requested the services of Sean Chaplin (local promoter and owner of mummy where's the milkman records) and Charlene Katuwawala. To date they have released four We're From Norwich Compliations plus a number of 7inch singles and albums including Rory McVicar, Le Tetsuo and The Bells The Bells.