Mid 90s jangle-tastic football obssesssed guitar merchants, had links to The Spinning Jennys, The Potting Sheds, Passing Clouds. Released two albums an EP, and appeared on various other compilations. The Drummer was Norwich's very own DJ Flob.


Grant Madden - Lead Vocals

David Miles - Guitar/Bass

Will Taylor - Guitar

David James - Keyboards/Guitar

Mark Osborne - Guitar

Colin Brown - Bass

Mark "Flob" Ireland - Drums

Steven Went - Drums

Joe Hann - Drums


Peel Park EP

7" - vinyl - Apr 1995 - Rutland Records - RUTEP9

1) The only Cockney Rebel that ever meant a thing to me was Charlie George

2) Billy's Boots

3) Terry Butcher

4) No Goals, no Dolly Birds, no Jensen Interceptor

5) Cats go for Go-Cat

Clive Baker Set Fire to Me

1997 - Rutland Records - RUTCD3

1) Terry Butcher

2) A Million Ways

3) The Only Halifax Supporter

4) Single Leather Football

5) What's The Fuss About Ryan Giggs

6) Blues for John Gidman

7) Wembley

8) Billy's Boots

9) Saturday

10) Hair

11) Bob Stokoe Says

12) Battison

13) The Only Cockney Rebel

14) East Fife 4 Forfar

15) He Can Watch The Football


1998 - Rutland Records - RUTCD5

1) Any team will do
2) Terrace Girl
3) Vinnie Jones
4) Six Point Christmas
5) Panini
6) Zig Zag to the Onion Bag
7) A Gospel Song
8) Second City Blues
9) Billy Danes grown up
10) The Girl from 4B
11) Theme From Orange
12) Yesterdays Hero
13) Occupation
14) Stars
15) Moving the Goalposts

Cantona - The Album Compilation

Exotica - PELE10CD

1) Eric - Please Don't Go

Highbury Anthems Compilation

Cherry Red - CDGAFFER45

1) The only Cockney Rebel that ever meant a thing to me was Charlie George

Singing The Blues Compilation

Cherry Red - CDGAFFER32

1) Terry Butcher

Everything Went Pop Compilation

Meller Welle Produkte - MEL32

1) Pass, Shoot & Score

2) All My Resolutions

External Links

Live Video (Youtube)

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