Gothic Girls were active around 1983/84. Previously Guitar player Chiff Mackey played in punk band Dissolute Youth. Drummer Rob Masters played in loads of bands, and still does.Chiff tragically died in a car acident in 1985, he was 20.


Dieter Coulson - Vocals
Dave Howse - Bass
Rob Masters - Drums
Chiff Mackie - Guitar


Outrage 7"
(Backs- NCH 007-1983)
1. Outrage
2. Devil

Glass Baby 12"
(Backs-12 NCH 011-1984)
1. Glass Baby
2. Borrowed Tongues
3. Glass Baby (MC Megamix)

'Glass Baby' 12" was produced by Terry Sex Gang.

Lilac Dreams MLP
(Backs-NCHM LP2-1984)
1. Devil
2. Whores Song
3. Sweet Sister Soul
4. Bride
5. Borrowed Tongues
6. Lilac Dreams

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