For You by The Farmer's Boys was released in July 1983. It was released as a double single and as a 12" version. It reached number 66 in the UK charts.

For You also saw the first video by the band.

The track T.O.S.D. stood for The Old Spotted Dog, the free single released with For You featured a demo version of Muck It Out.

7" version Edit

Side A Edit

For You

Side B Edit


Free 7" Single Edit

Side A Edit

Muck It Out (demo version)

Side B Edit

Drinking and Dressing Up

Something That I Ate

I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends

12" Version Edit

Side A Edit

For You (Big version)

Side B Edit


I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends

Credits Edit

Label: EMI

Cat No# 7" EMI 5401

Cat No# Free 7" EMIF 5401

Cat No# 12" 12 EMI 5401

Released July 1983

External Links Edit

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Musicbrainz free 7"

Musicbrainz 12"

For You video

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