Nigel Tudman

Nigel Tudman of Razor Sharp live at the prestigious '"Bosa ChiosClub and Restaurant"


Phil Moy - who's jeans are far to tight for a chartered accountant on guitar and Keith Amiss on Drums.


Mike Bradley, Trevor Daniels playing a Gibson SG - thus totally dating this photo to mid/late 70's (or now depending which bands you watch)


Mike Bradley, Trevor Daniels and Nigel Tudman get ready to fight the fashion police (and lose).


Fallen Heroes were a Punk/New Wave band also known as Razor Sharp in an earlier incarnation, they all came from North Norfolk and were a Paston School Band, generally there performaces were confined to the Bosa Chios in St Nicholas Square in North Walsham.

They also played a lively set at a school disco or two and may have appeared at the local community centre. One known gig was 20th December 1979 at the Paston where they appeared with The Outlet. Originally they performed almost exclusively covers of Doctor Feelgood numbers, progressing on to Sex Pistols and so on.

Nigel Tudman was npt adverse to wearing eyeliner at gigs, which in 1979 in rural Norfolk was not only unheard of, but actually quite dangerous.

Post Paston there were various versions of the band going under such names as The Coypus, The Whammy and Conditional Wow!


Nigel Tudman - Vocals
Phil Moy- Guitar & Sax
Trevor Daniels - guitar
Mike Bradley - Bass
Keith Amiss - Drums