Faceless were a two piece ambient/breakbeat/bigbeat duo, formed in the mid 1990s by Alistair Cormack and Tom Albrighton, their music was a stripped down clever fusion of ambient styles and breakbeat, mostly created using a simple roland S1000 sampler and a four track. They appeared on the Mechanical Paradise CD album on Noisebox Records which featured various other artists including Alpha Seven and UXB. They went on to release 2 further albums on Noisebox, the second of which achieved very favourable reviews in the national music press.They also performed at and were part of Club Fatboy along with Dominic Russell-Price (Booker at The Waterfront in the mid Nineties), Club Fatboy, was a big beat, downtempo, ambient and breakbeat club, that occurred around and about the city, usually at The Waterfront, but occasionally at Hectors House (which became Kafe Da) and The Stanley in Magdalen Road.

Tom Albrighton now records (with assistance from Alistair Cormack) as Key 54.


Various Artists - Mechanical Paradise
Noisebox Records - nbx007 1995
Sleeve: Noisebox/Stone
Photography: ? & D Russell-Price

1. UXB / Urban Mutant
2. UXB / Still Waters Run Deep
3. Toxic Frequency / My Word Is All I Have
4. Toxic Frequency / Ion
5. Faceless / Edenville
6. Faceless / DSL (vi)
7. Alpha Seven / Thermion
8. Alpha Seven / Vista

Faceless - Achievement - CD Album
Noisebox Records - nbx010 1995
Sleeve design: Faceless/Richard Heywood?

1.Two Faceless Men
2. That Little Feeling
3. Calm Your Life Down
4. Meditation 1
5. Meditation 2
6. Meditation 3
7. Crystal Palace
8. System
9. Achievement

Faceless - Faceless - CD Album
Planet Noisebox - Plan One 1997
Sleeve design: Faceless/Nick Stone

1. Dusty Empire
2. Sequin Ocean
3. Summer of Dub
4. Interlude
5. Beamer
6. Angel
7. The Dark, The Day
8. A.P.B. (Night Drive)
9. Summer of Version

Faceless - Different Sounds
Rainbow Quartz/Amethyst (Re-released on Burning Shed)
photography by carl glover, design by aleph.

1. during one night 08:52
2. cair paravel 05:45
3. fifty-four 05:20
4. bienvenue 05:56
5. drive 04:04
6. resignation 09:07
7. met by moonlight 05:49
8. spaceport 06:46
9. 1974 05:39
10. miles 08:42