A small label, set up by the founder of the Weh Aye Cocker Club, Guy Myhill, to showcase local talent that played at the club, The records were given away to the paying public on entry on specific launch nights and also sold via Backs Records.


Cocker Club One EP

7" Vinyl, hand made sleeve, Cat No: Cock1

Intro - Russell Trout

Fountain of Love - Regional Person

Dr Fondle - Sexy Body

Cocker Club Two EP

7" Vinyl, hand made sleeve, Cat No: Cock2

Streetlife - Man of Tribes

Streetlife - Equal Opportunities

Dig Those Heels - Half an hour in

Norwich Womens Soul Choir - Teen Angel

Cocker Club Three EP

7" Vinyl, hand made sleeve, Cat No: Cock3

The Elephants - Newcastle Brown

Kaisers Advisers - All to Complicated

The Avons - Is billy there

Cary Grant's Wedding - Skid Chicane

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