Formed in 1987, Cary Grant's Wedding were named after a Fall song. They were one of the original jangle pop darlings of Norwich, appearing on Cocker 2 on the label part of the at Norwich Arts Centre. Characterised by an early Wedding Present style of fast choppy trebly guitar and a de rigueur female vocal - this was the era of the Shop Assistants, Primitives, Flatmates and early Darling Buds. They were regular and frequent faves at the Cocker Club and Monkey Club nights, and garnered at least one Peel play in their short career with Fuckhead (aka Ruberoid), which - in those days of greater sensitivity - was re-badged as Skid Chicane on the vinyl.

Nick Martin also played for the Piggly Wigglies as drummer for a while. In 2010 Georgia is still involved in music, with Novinka Folskaband, somewhere nearer King's Lynn.

Line up

Georgia Philip - Vocals

Mick Patrick - Guitar

John Beck - Guitar

John Hanant - Bass

Nick Martin - Drums


Cocker two - Various artists
compilation 7" black vinyl cat no" cocker2