Bob Hope to Die, a band dedicated to . Were formed by three then feckless youths who lived with their mums on either side of the River Waveney. They met at school or at summer jobs on the Norfolk Broads. Their principle motivation was to demonstrate their own smugness. It was clear that they were too good to be from round here but didn't want to go anywhere else. They patrolled a middle ground between funny and fake nasty, between clever and stupid. The music that Nick Cave would have made if he was the third Chuckle Brother. Bob Hope to die got their big break when self styled Backs records A&R (Adnams & Roll ups) man Pete Keely was presented with a 4 song demo tape and a pissy accompanying letter. In truth these were the only songs they had written. Backs signed them up after a brief bidding war with Coypuphone records of Swaffham.

Bob Hope to Die released two mini LP's played a number of Gigs around East Anglia and even undertook a brief tour of the low countries. They enjoyed the sponsorship of John Peel who would often include a Bob Hope to Die track on his show. From the outset the band members showed an almost pathological lack of ambition and split up after 14 of their allotted 15 mins of fame. In truth they were spooked by the prospect of some small success beyond the confines of their marshland pond.

Band: M D Thorpe - Geetar M C Johnsonburger (fat man) - Bass G M Taylor - Singer L Wildfire II - Stand in Singer Wee Davey - Proper Bass/Driving/Tuning/Photos

Drummers who all quit - M Smith, M Gibbons, Smarty, P Baldwin.

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